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Turn Your Swimming Pool or Spa into a Wildfire Defense System

Pool Fire Pump Hoses

Premium Pool Fire Pump Protection

Brushfire Battle Systems is a California supplier of advanced pool fire pumps and water cannon wildfire defense systems. I have been in business for 3 years and have equipment installed from Calistoga to Carlsbad.

Our systems utilize professional-grade equipment to help protect your home, estate, car collection, winery or business from an advancing wildfire. Your swimming pool or water tank can be tapped to provide a water shield around and over your home in minutes.

Owning a fire pump, water cannons and professional fire fighting equipment may be the difference between returning to a home or business still standing and a drained pool or tank, or smoldering slab of concrete and a full pool filled with ash.

Supporting American Manufacturing

Most of our equipment is sourced from highly reputable fire equipment companies manufacturing in California, Colorado and Ohio. We strive to provide as many American-made parts as possible. All other parts are provided by top quality distributors in Oregon, Minnesota and California.

Professional Grade Equipment

We only provide top quality California made fire hoses and suction lines. Our vendors manufacture our high-end nozzles in Colorado and our fittings and valves are made in Ohio. Honda powered high pressure water pumps, stainless steel valves and precision made components from top fire equipment manufacturers. These are the same brands used by your local fire department.

Safety First Design

The pool fire pump system provides firefighters with professional grade equipment to defend your home from a brush fire or other fire related emergency. It’s like having a fire hydrant in your backyard with multiple fire fighters on your property when you evacuate.

Up & Running in Minutes

Our pool fire pump and water cannon systems can be installed anywhere on your property to protect your home from flying embers and advancing flames. It will provide a wall of water to keep the hillside from catching fire and to prevent spot fire ignition in your yard and your neighbors. You also need to protect your home or business by following professional guidance regarding hardening of structures from ember intrusion as well as fuel reduction and defensible spaces.

“The Brushfire Battle System pool fire pump is rock solid. We can flip the system on and get out safely, adding an extra layer of protection to our property.”

Home Fire Protection

All Products

ECHO Brushfire

The ECHO Brushfire comes equipped with a 2 1/2 inch fire hydrant thread coupled with a fire department grade hose splitter and valve assembly. This system is like having your own fire engine in your backyard. Capable of delivering 126 gallons per minute at 85 psi. It moves massive amounts of water at great pressures. A must have for any homeowner with a pool.

Fire Truck 1.0

The Fire Truck 1.0 comes equipped with a 2 1/2 inch fire hydrant thread coupled with a fire department grade hose splitter and valve assembly. In addition it comes standard with 100 feet of California manufactured fire hose and pump cover. Easy to store or transport, it is a compact and powerful system. Think of this as a fire hydrant or fire engine in your backyard.

Fire Hose Storage Box
Fire Truck 2.0

The Fire Truck 2.0 comes equipped with a 2 1/2 inch fire hydrant thread coupled with a fire department grade hose splitter and valve assembly. In addition to 1.0, this system is hand truck mounted with mounted fire hose storage box as well. Add a water cannon and you can defend 200 feet of wildland interface plus have a hose line manned by a fire fighter. 

Bucket Brigade

The Bucket Brigade is our newest product. A highly portable and powerful water cannon designed for quick deployment on any flat surface. Instantly use your patio, deck, lawn, vineyard, orchard or driveway to protect your property with a wall of water.

Pool Fire Pump Hoses
Fire Hoses and Nozzles

We provide fire department grade, California-made fire hoses, high quality nozzles sourced from Taiwan and Colorado, and valves made in Colorado and Ohio. These items are used by fire departments across the United States and the U.S. Forest Service.

Two sizes of water cannons available
Fire Sprinklers

High output industrial sprinklers to protect your home and property from flying embers. Completely soak everything around your property. Drain your pool and protect your home even if you aren’t there.

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