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Fire Sprinklers - Standard and Jumbo. NEW Ember Wall.

The Fire Sprinklers we provide come in two sizes. The standard Fire Sprinkler has a water output between 30 and 80 gallons per minute. It is capable of keeping a full circle between 125 to over 180 feet soaking wet. Version 2 has a 60 degree launch angle, creating a wall of water and mist over 70-feet in the air and over 180 feet from side to side. A SERIOUS EMBER SHIELD. The jumbo Fire Sprinkler has an output between 40 and 100 gallons per minute. Fully adjustable to soak a portion of your home and property or everything around it. Effective ember suppression. Prevents spot fire ignitions. Increases local humidity.

The new custom Fire Sprinkler EMBER WALL creates 70-foot high by 180-foot wide wall of water and fog to drench your home from the roof to the base. No one has this on the market today.

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