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Water Tender

The Water Tender is our single hose ouput system. This system is like having your own fire engine in your backyard. Capable of delivering 126 gallons per minute at 85 psi. It moves massive amounts of water at great pressures. A must have for any homeowner with a pool.

Fire Truck 1.0

The Fire Truck 1.0 comes equipped with a 2 1/2 inch fire hydrant thread coupled with a fire department grade hose splitter and valve assembly. In addition it comes standard with 100 feet of California manufactured fire hose and pump cover. Easy to store or transport, it is a compact and powerful system. Think of this as a fire hydrant or fire engine in your backyard.

Wildland Fire Skid

The Wildland Fire Skid utilizes a Honda GX 200 engine with a 110 psi water pump. This fire pump comes equipped with 1 1/2″ and 1″ fire hose outputs. Comes standard with 50-foot fire hose in 1-inch and 1 1/2-inch.



single hose BE cart
Single Hose Fire Cart

The Single Hose Fire Cart comes equipped with a single 1 1/2″ fire hose output and 50 feet of fire hose. Excellent entry level system with many upgrade options.

Dual Hose Fire Cart

The Dual Hose Fire Cart is equipped with fire department grade gated wye valve for independent two hose operation. Excellent option for powering two or more fire sprinklers.

Fire Hose Storage Box
Fire Truck 2.0

The Fire Truck 2.0 comes equipped with a 2 1/2 inch fire hydrant thread coupled with a fire department grade hose splitter and valve assembly. In addition to 1.0, this system is hand truck mounted with mounted fire hose storage box as well. Add a fire sprinkler and you can defend 200 feet of wildland interface plus have a hose line manned by a fire fighter.


Engine 51

Engine 51 is equipped with a powerful single stage water pump driving two hoses and up to 4 fire sprinklers. Excellent option for larger homes and estates. Great high volume, high pressure water pump. 

Engine 81 photo 1
Engine 81

Engine 81 is powered by a very powerful Honda GX 270 motor.  This monster system comes with 200 feet of fire hose. Optional extended run gas tank and electric start. 

Engine #51
Engine 91

Engine 91 is powered by a Honda GX 390 engine. Standard electric start and 12-volt lithium-ion battery make this fire pump a superior option for any estate. 

Brush Truck 1

Professional fire pump. 2 1/2-inch input and output. Hand operated priming and standard electric start. This fire pump is designed for serious defensive needs. 

Brush Truck 2

Professional fire pump. Giant Honda engine and gas tank make this fire pump our top of the line. Fully loaded system ready to defend your property from any wildfire threat.

electric fire pump copy
Remote Controlled Electric Fire Pump

Custom 1.5, 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 hp electric fire pumps designed to be controlled by either handheld remote control or wired into your pool control app. Requires owning generator to provide power. Contractor installation necessary.

Hainy Hydrant
Flower pot 3 rotated
Flower Power Fire Sprinkler 2
20/60 brush nozzles & fire hose wrench

Our Systems utilize standard fire department equipment found on every fire engine and truck in the state of California.

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