Engine #81 - 9 hp Honda 270 cc 140 psi 150 gpm

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Engine 81 is one of the most powerful fire pumps we offer. It has a Honda 270 cc engine running a high-pressure two-stage water pump capable of delivering 140 psi. This is more than most municipal fire hydrants. At lower speeds it delivers over 150 gallons per minute, powering up to four regular fire sprinklers. The long run gas tank holds 12 gallons of fuel, providing homeowners, wineries and ranches with unmatched water defense coverage. Custom built to client needs, it comes standard with fire hydrant thread and attached two-hose gated wye valve. Also includes 400 feet of fire hose, two regular fire sprinklers, suction line, nozzles, wheel kit with handles and 10-inch solid tires, and cover. More options available depending on application. Coast Guard approved for firefighting!                     Priced at $6,350. This is an amazing wildfire defense package.

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Standard gated wye valve for 2 hose output.
NZ BA 15
Optional break-apart dual range nozzle.
Engine 81 photo 1 rotated
Equipped with standard fire hydrant threads.