protect your estate !

High value properties are being red-lined by some large insurance companies (you know who I am talking about). Your estate may have a fighting chance against an approaching wildfire if you have taken the appropriate steps such as vent replacement, brush clearance, gutter cleaning and fuel reduction next to your home. In addition to home hardening, owning two high-powered pool fire pumps from Brushfire can help. Two fire pumps can feed over 200 gallons per minute to 4 or more Fire Sprinklers, creating a dome of water around and on your home and other structures. Imagine having two personal fire hydrants and fire engines on your property utilizing your pool water to defend your estate. Pricing for complete package starts at $8,775.00. Includes 2 pumps, 600 feet of fire hose, four Fire Sprinklers, pump covers, delivery in Southern California, training and more.

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