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Brushfire Battle Systems LLC was established in 2019 by David Whitman, Environmental Science teacher at a high school in Southern California. Born and raised in Southern California, David has witnessed the changing climate first hand. During his 15 years as a science teacher (and he still is), he has first hand knowledge of the changing rainfall patterns, bark beetle ravaged forests, declining snow packs in the Colorado river watershed and Sierra Nevada. The drought maps seem to be getting redder all the time. When Paradise, California burned to the ground in November of 2018, Mr. Whitman organized a fundraiser at his home to help the victims of the fire. He raised over $1,000 for the relief effort. At the same time, David starting researching how homeowners could better defend their homes from a quickly approaching wildfire. During this research, he kept running across burned down homes with full swimming pools filled with ash. Why, he questioned, couldn’t that water be put to use to protect the home, even if no one was home?

Additional research into the swimming pool fire pump industry led David to decide to engineer his own system, different than any other pump system on the market. The final product was Fire Engine 1.0. Based on a powerful Honda motor with a high pressure AND high volume pump; it moves water! The output is an actual fire hydrant thread. David realized that most of the pumps on the market all had one simple fire hose output. He attached a fire department grade valve called a wye to the pump, creating an industry leading two hose output. This system is like having your own fire hydrant in your backyard.

Another problem that David wanted to address was evacuation orders. How can you operate multiple fire hoses if you were asked to evacuate? To solve this problem, David built his water cannon line. Capable of delivering over 90 gallons a minute out 200 feet in diameter, the large water cannon is like a Cal-Fire helicopter dropping water on your property every 10 minutes. As seen in the pictures below, David did testing of multiple water cannons and discovered that with the proper nozzles installed, he could operate 3 water cannons at the same time! As the Forestville installation demonstrates, with proper placement, water cannons can provide an effective wall of water and increase local relative humidity around the home and property.

Every system is hand assembled and personally delivered either by David or his Northern California partner, Stuart Mitchell. Quality equipment and supplies is a priority for him. He stocks finished pumps, over 2000 feet of fire hose, and all of the related supplies for same or next day delivery in the greater Southern California area. He will provide training to the homeowner on the set-up, operation and maintenance of the system.

Brushfire Battle Systems is one of a couple pool fire pump vendors in California. David knows the competition and believes he has one of the best systems on the market. He’s done the research for you. Email or call him. You will have peace of mind knowing you are working with a company that truly cares about every customer and their need to protect their biggest assets.

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