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General FAQ

Brushfire Battle Systems takes great pride in our line of products. We have streamlined our pump system to keep inventory simple, provide proven Honda-powered water pumps and provide solid support to our customers. Our pump is light-weight and can be carried by one person. It can fit in the trunk of a car if you need to share it with a friend threatened by a wildfire. It’s powerful and moves massive amounts of water with exceptional pressure. Our hoses are made in the United States, with most now made in California, supporting California’s industrial economy. They use fire department hose couplings for compatibility with most agency hoses. Our hardware choices are industry leaders in the fire equipment marketplace. Our pool suction hose is also American-made from a top manufacturer. We want to provide homeowners with trusted brands, top quality manufacturing processes and local support.

Trained fire fighters can easily utilize your system to defend multiple homes from approaching flames and ember storms. Homeowners can also choose to set up water cannons, run hoses to them and start the system before they evacuate. Water cannons are like having one to three fire fighters on your property. Once operational, the water cannons will run until either the pump runs out of fuel, or the pool is empty. An empty pool is better than a full pool full of ashes. You will always hear this from David. “DO NOT FIGHT A RAGING BRUSH FIRE YOURSELF. YOU ARE NOT TRAINED IN WILDLAND BRUSH FIRE TACTICS OR HOME DEFENSE. EVACUATE IF YOUR ARE ORDERED TO DO SO.”

No. There are no guarantees with our system saving your home, other structures or items on property. We guarantee the pump and Honda engines for the manufacturer’s warranty, which is 2 years for the pump components and 3 years for the Honda engine. NOTICE, THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES THAT THIS SYSTEM WILL SAVE YOUR HOME. THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES THE ENGINE WILL START. Set up the systems per instructions, lay out the hoses, set up the water cannons. Prime pump, fill hoses and follow local authority orders when asked to evacuate.

No. Certain insurers have specific policies for certain clients to help protect their properties. Check your policy or call your local agent and ask about what owning a pool fire pump can do for your insurance needs.

Absolutely. We will not sell any system in California without training. We will not sell our systems via freight company directly to homeowners. We want to meet every customer in person. We want to spend time explaining how the system works, how to lay out hoses, operate the motor properly, set up the water cannons and store the system when not in use. Training is mandatory for every customer.

We use the largest barrel strainer on the market. Homeowners are responsible for ensuring the pool does not contain items which can get stuck on the strainer head. If a strong wind blows items into the pool and eventually get stuck on the suction strainer, that is an Act of God or nature and we cannot offer any guarantees against that.

Water-dropping helicopters like the LA County Fire Department FireHawk utilize established refilling sites that are either permanent or temporary bases. They do not use pool water due to hazards located near homes. Their rotor blades need plenty of clearance.

Insurance FAQ

Support & Warranty FAQ

Our products are covered by each manufacturer warranty. The Honda engine is guaranteed for 3 years from date of purchase. The pump is guaranteed for 2 years from date of purchase. We will replace any product if proven defective within the normal manufacturer covered time frame.

Each custom manufactured product like water cannons are covered for one year from date of purchase.

Customer is provided with full gas tank of one-year stabilized gasoline. Customer will be contacted at 11 months after delivery and training to schedule a gas dump and refill. Old gasoline in engines and the carburetor being gummed up is the most common cause of small displacement engines not starting. If you really have to use this system the engine needs fresh or one-year old stabilized fuel to ensure the best possibility of starting. I recently purchased a 1991 Honda motorcycle that sat for 30 years. The carburetor looked like it had honey in it since to original owner never drained the gasoline out of it. When I cleaned the carburetor and provided fresh gasoline, the 30 year old Honda engine started up on the 5th attempt at the kick-starter. This is why we sell Honda engines and urge all customers to take care of the fuel on a regular basis. Don’t worry, we will call you to schedule a maintenance visit.

Never store pump outside uncovered. It must be kept clean and dry at all times, unless it’s helping defend your property during a real fire emergency. The best place to store your pump is indoors like a garage or special storage room. A deck box will also work. We can recommend certain ones that fit all of the hoses and pump (Suncast). We also provide marine-grade hose storage boxes that are mounted on a wall.

We will replace the hose on an individual basis at a fair price. In addition, all hoses must be replaced after 10 year of storage due to potential degradation from ground level ozone and common sense preventative maintenance.

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