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Fire Truck 1.0

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Fire Truck 1.0 Wildfire Suppression System

Fire Truck 1.0 is a complete turnkey system designed for easy operation by homeowners and first responders. It has 2-1/2″ fire hydrant output, professional fire department grade hose splitter with valves, 2 x 50-foot fire hoses and 2 nozzles. System is very easy to store or transport. It’s like having a fire hydrant in your backyard using your own pool or tank water. Electric start and propane options available. One tank of fuel runs for 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Retail price $2,795

I can ship this product anywhere in the United States. It will come without oil and will require some assembly. This is one of the best pumps on the market for the price. Two hoses, professional grade wye valve, and American-made hoses and suction line make it the most American sourced fire pump on the market. Contact Brushfire Battle Systems for a shipping quote. Brushfire is not a click and ship company. We work with each customer to ensure they are getting exactly what they need for their specific situation. Laminated instructions and operation sheets included.

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